Facts About Saliva ( Spit It Out )

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Natural Painkiller: Did you know your saliva contains a potent painkiller? Saliva from humans has yielded a natural painkiller named as opiorphin that is upto six times more powerful than morphine. Opiorphin is one of the few naturally produced compounds in the human body that extends the body’s self-defence mechanism against pain. Also, wounds in the mouth heal faster than elsewhere on the body. Thanks to saliva’s germ fighting antibodies.

Make Food Taste Better: In order for food to have taste, chemicals from the food must dissolve in saliva. Saliva acts like a solvent for your taste buds. During this process, salivary constituents chemically interact with taste substances. It is also the first step in the digestion process. After you take a bite, saliva breakdown food molecules releasing the flavours. It also helps lubricate the food allowing you to both enjoy the full flavours of your meal and swallow with ease.

For example, salivary buffers ( e.g bicarbonate ions ) decrease the concentration of free hydrogen ions ( sour taste ) and there are some salivary proteins that may bind with bitter taste substances

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